Landscaping Experts Discuss the Advantages of Artificial Grass Adelaide for Lawns


Artificial grass is slowly becoming a mainstream option for landscaping, and experts agree with it.

If you’ve been thinking about adding landscaping elements to your home but aren’t sure which options to choose from, artificial grass Adelaide may be a great option for you. To learn more about the advantages of fake grass, we reached out to three landscaping experts to get their input on this popular topic.


Professional landscaper Lisa Johnson believes that artificial turf is one of the most economical options on the market for homeowners looking to add green space to their yards. “There are many ways of adding green space to your yard without putting in the high cost of installing a full lawn,” she explains. “Grass, being one of the highest maintenance yard elements out there, is often not worth it to homeowners whose time and money may be better spent on other projects.”

Landscape designer Shane Inman agrees that artificial turf can provide homeowners with many benefits. “Artificial grass helps improve the value of your home, adds to the overall aesthetic appeal, keeps you off of hot surfaces during the summer months, and reduces yard maintenance needs. On top of all that, it keeps water usage down,” he says.

Professional landscaper Aaron Gilbert believes that one of the biggest benefits of artificial turf is that it helps keep leaves and other yard debris off the ground. “This is especially helpful in fall months when homeowners are trying to cut down on yard maintenance time,” he explains.

Although there are many advantages associated with artificial grass Adelaide, have you ever stopped to think about how it compares to real grass? Here’s what our experts had to say:

Q: What are some of the biggest benefits associated with artificial turf?

“One of the biggest benefits is that it helps keep leaves and other yard debris off the ground. This is especially helpful in fall months when homeowners are trying to cut down on yard maintenance time.” – Aaron Gilbert, professional landscaper

“One of our main goals as professionals is to help our customers create a yard that is low maintenance and easy to take care of, and that’s where artificial grass shines. Grass takes time and money to maintain – so by cutting out the cost and hassle of lawn care, you can focus on more important things.” – Lisa Johnson, professional landscaper

“The main benefit I see with using artificial grass is that it adds green space to yards without the high cost of sod. A yard could have a much better look for much less money with artificial grass.” – Shane Inman, landscape designer

Q: How does artificial turf compare to real grass?

“Artificial turf looks so realistic these days, and you’d be hard-pressed to know the difference between real and artificial grass. Some homeowners choose the look of a natural lawn, then cut maintenance time by choosing a low-maintenance synthetic grass.” – Shane Inman, landscape designer

“While it’s not as soft as natural grass, there are new iterations on the market that feel more like real grass than ever before. Made from a combination of recycled materials and high-performance synthetics, the new generations of this product feel and look great at a fraction of the cost.” – Lisa Johnson, professional landscaper

“Artificial turf is now so realistic it’s hard to tell the difference. Some homeowners prefer artificial grass for their homes because it doesn’t require as much water or other maintenance needs.” – Aaron Gilbert, professional landscaper