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You possible know that mercury, lead, and other heavy metals aren’t nice for the physique and may trigger a bunch of points. However whether or not or not fluoride is protected (or efficient) is extra controversial.

Is Fluoride Helpful?

Within the early a part of the 20th century, it was found that small communities who had larger ranges of naturally occurring fluoride of their consuming water had fewer dental caries (cavities). Naturally fluoridated water at about 1mg/L gave the impression to be useful to dental well being. (Fluoride that’s naturally occurring is calcium fluoride.)

Sadly, the fluoride that’s usually added to water provides within the U.S. is hydrofluoric acid (an industrial by-product), not elemental fluorine or calcium fluoride. It’s well-known that naturally occurring substances (even heavy metals) are typically higher tolerated by the physique than artificial counterparts.

However as a result of early research confirmed few dental caries in communities utilizing fluoridated water, fluoridated water grew to become often called certainly one of 10 finest public well being achievements of the 20th century in response to the Middle for Illness Management (CDC).

Nonetheless, rates of dental caries have been going down for all western international locations, each utilizing fluoridation and never, suggesting that there isn’t a connection between fluoridated water and fewer cavities.

For instance, Sweden doesn’t fluoridate its water and has the identical quantity of dental caries as the US. Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Arvid Carlsson argued towards its use in Sweden by saying that topical use of fluoride may go for dental caries however consuming fluoride was not a good suggestion, particularly when you think about that the quantity any particular person consumes can fluctuate fairly a bit.

Although some earlier research confirmed that fluoride within the water provide can assist cut back dental caries, a 2015 Cochrane evaluate discovered that the latest and complete proof reveals that there’s merely not sufficient proof to assist fluoridating water.

Although fluoride might assist stop cavities when used topically, there are different (higher) methods to enhance oral well being with out fluoride.

Sources of Fluoride

Fluoridated water is an apparent supply of fluoride however there are various others as effectively. As a result of there are such a lot of sources of fluoride at present, it’s particularly regarding that water provides are “spiked” with fluoride. Listed below are a number of the main sources of fluoride:

  • Packaged meals and drinks (made with fluoridated water)
  • Pesticides
  • Tea (the plant naturally absorbs fluoride; natural teas are positive)
  • Teflon pans
  • Mechanically separated meat (fragments of bone might be left behind)
  • Business (aluminum, fertilizer, iron, oil refining, semi-conductor, and metal industries)
  • Fluorinated prescribed drugs (the fluorine doesn’t often break down into fluoride, however might)
  • Dental merchandise

In fact, there are causes apart from fluoride to keep away from a number of the issues on this listing. For somebody who’s occupied with pure well being (and avoiding a lot of this stuff already), avoiding fluoride isn’t all that tough.

How Fluoride Impacts the Thyroid

Although there may be some debate about whether or not fluoride is protected, the proof is fairly clear that it will possibly have an effect on thyroid operate, and for anybody in danger to start with (many women are), fluoride is doubtlessly harmful. Contemplating thyroid illness impacts 20 million People (principally ladies), this is a crucial angle to contemplate.

Within the Thirties a product containing fluoride was used to deal with individuals with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). The fluoride poisoned the enzymes within the thyroid gland and slowed down the manufacturing of thyroid hormones. This drug stopped getting used as a result of some individuals’s thyroid glands have been completely broken from its use.

Research present that fluoride impacts the thyroid gland particularly. Research carried out in India discovered that youngsters in communities with excessive fluoride consumption had a major lower in thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). One other research discovered that folks with unfluoridated water have been much less prone to develop hypothyroidism.

Fluoride and Iodine

Fluoride can result in thyroid irritation and autoimmune thyroid illness (like Hashimoto’s). Fluoride can also be an endocrine disruptor. Dr. Izabella Wentz explains in this post the way it’s misidentified as iodine within the physique so it’s taken up into the physique and saved in physique tissues the best way iodine must be.

One research discovered that iodine ranges straight affect how a lot hurt fluoride can do to the thyroid and should assist shield the thyroid from fluoride. Then again, many individuals who’ve thyroid illness like Hashimoto’s have low ranges of iodine however can’t tolerate supplemental iodine both. In these circumstances, fluoride is particularly problematic.

How Fluoride Impacts the Skeletal System

Fluoride can also be pretty clearly implicated in bone well being points. Although supporters of fluoride declare that it will possibly assist enhance bone density, proof reveals that the quantity of fluoride performs an important half in whether or not fluoride helps or hurts bone well being.

This study checked out completely different populations in China with various ranges of naturally occurring fluoride within the water starting from 0.25 mg/L to 7.97 mg/L (as a comparability, locations that add fluoride to water sometimes add to .7-1 mg/L). What the research discovered was that fractures occurred much less when fluoride ranges have been at about 1 mg/L however extra once they have been on the bottom and highest components of the vary. Clearly, there’s a positive line between useful and dangerous right here.

Skeletal fluorosis is a critical bone illness which causes hardening and thickening of the bones which makes motion tough. It may be confused with quite a lot of different skeletal points together with arthritis. Skeletal fluorosis is brought on by extreme publicity to fluoride which may occur over time as fluoride can accumulate within the physique. The most recent research reveals that early indicators of skeletal fluorosis can happen with as little as 6 mg of fluoride a day (a lot much less for these with kidney illness).

The Upside

Having good well being to start with, notably regular ranges of nutritional vitamins and minerals, can assist cut back the unfavourable results of fluoride. One research discovered that standard ranges of calcium helped stop fluoride-induced bone points in rats. One other discovered that adequate ranges of vitamin D might be protecting. Moreover, one other research discovered that magnesium-deficient rats absorbed extra fluoride than rats with regular magnesium ranges and likewise had extra fluoride of their bones and tooth.

What does this imply? That we are able to do one thing about fluoride publicity by doing a number of the identical issues which are good for well being general. Optimizing calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium ranges (here are some ideas on that) and consuming a nutrient-dense eating regimen is a good first step.

Fluoride and the Mind

Fluoride is a confirmed neurotoxin and lots of prestigious opinions have dug into the analysis that’s out there on the subject over time. A 2012 Harvard evaluate discovered that of the 27 research within the evaluate, 26 of them concluded that there’s a relationship between elevated fluoride and lowered IQ.

A 2014 Lancet evaluate paperwork fluoride as a neurotoxin that might be dangerous to baby growth. The evaluate concludes, “The presumption that new chemical substances and applied sciences are protected till confirmed in any other case is a basic downside.”

Newer analysis is discovering the identical neurotoxicity issues as earlier research. A 2017 research discovered that fluoride publicity in utero was linked to poorer cognitive efficiency later in life.

Fluoride Impacts Different Components of the Physique

Whereas the results of fluoride on the thyroid, skeletal system, and mind is pretty clear minimize, the science is much less clear on how fluoride impacts different components of the physique. Listed below are another methods fluoride might trigger hurt:

  • Most cancers – A connection between fluoride and most cancers is a hotly debated matter, most likely as a result of the analysis is inconclusive and at occasions complicated.
  • Early sexual growth – One researcher discovered that fluoride accumulates in excessive quantities within the pineal gland (that secretes hormones). A 1997 research discovered that fluoride was related to quicker sexual growth within the feminine gerbils within the research.
  • Male infertility – Some information recommend {that a} decline in male fertility might be related to topical fluoride use. Animal research present concern however extra data is required.

So… Ought to I Be Frightened About Fluoride?

There are numerous conflicting opinions on whether or not fluoride is protected and whether or not it’s one thing to fret about. (I do know, you hear me say issues like that loads!) Mark Sisson’s opinion on it’s that fluoride isn’t nice however that we should always give attention to enhancing well being in different methods first (clear eating regimen, loads of sleep, low stress, and so forth) earlier than worrying about filtering fluoride from the water. Then again, in case you are filtering your water due to any variety of the opposite pollution that might be in it, you might as effectively filter out fluoride too.

There may be proof on both aspect of the controversy. My private stance is that for individuals with thyroid points (like me) it’s clearly finest to keep away from fluoride. And since fluoride does include a warning to name the poison management heart instantly if ingested (and after seeing an in depth good friend’s scare when her son ingested some fluoride), I purchase unfluoridated toothpaste and don’t preserve fluoride-containing merchandise round our home.

How one can Shield Enamel With out Fluoride

Although fluoride might have a protecting impact on tooth, there are different (higher) methods to maintain tooth wholesome than to smear them with fluoride.

Dental Food regimen

What you eat can affect your oral well being much more than brushing or flossing. Enamel are in a continuing state of remineralization because the saliva within the mouth supplies minerals to the tooth and the cells within the tooth use these minerals to strengthen themselves.

Food regimen can play an enormous half on this course of (and the well being of your tooth). In line with Weston A. Worth’s (and others) analysis, a eating regimen wealthy in wholesome fat, nutritional vitamins, and minerals can assist heal and shield oral well being. I’m going into extra element in this post.

Balancing Hormones

Hormones can have an enormous impact on oral well being as they’ll management the acid/alkaline stability within the mouth. Additionally they have an effect on how effectively the physique can heal from or battle illness. Many people have signs of hormone imbalance and issues like optimizing sleep, stress, eating regimen, and health could make a big difference in hormone health (and oral well being).

Home made Toothpaste

Many typical sorts of toothpaste comprise chemical substances and synthetic components that may do extra hurt than good! That’s why I began making my own remineralizing toothpaste. I’ve been utilizing it for years and have had no new cavities (and have even healed some that have been ready for a filling).

Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

In fact making your personal toothpaste isn’t all the time sensible when life will get busy, so I created my very own line of non-public care merchandise based mostly on my DIY recipes. It’s referred to as Wellnesse and my Whitening Toothpaste is fluoride-free (however fights micro organism and decay with inexperienced tea leaf extract as a substitute!).

Fluoride: Backside Line

There’s a number of conflicting proof surrounding fluoride and fluoridating water. Some businesses and dentists suppose fluoride use has been an enormous well being development. However there’s additionally rising proof that fluoride might be dangerous. I prefer to go on the aspect of warning (particularly when there are pure methods to enhance oral well being) and keep away from it. We use a water filter that removes fluoride as effectively.

This text was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Household Doctor and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As all the time, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we suggest that you simply speak together with your physician.

This text was medically reviewed by Dr. Terry Wahls, a medical professor of medication and medical analysis and has revealed over 60 peer-reviewed scientific abstracts, posters, and papers. As all the time, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we suggest that you simply speak together with your physician.

Do you utilize fluoride? Why or why not?


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